And So It Begins...

This is the first post in what will be many. This blog will become a rich source of ideas, information and content for all those looking to grow and develop themselves. The blog will be separated into a number of sections to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Raising The Frequency

Regardless of what is uploaded and what section it will be assigned to, the primary focus on all material is to change the reader's perception of their surroundings so that they can interact with it in a more beneficial way, whether the posts be about health, philosophy or poetry it makes no difference. This raising of consciousness has the ability to have the most profound change on a persons life if they let it.

The Book

Many of these posts are being made with content extracted and adapted from a book that is in the process of being written. I feel that although it will be great to have this all in one concise and easy-to-follow book, the subjects can be touched on individually in separation and still have an impact. Thus, in the interim period between now and the publication of the book, they will be made available here. Use the #AncientWisdomTalks to find all posts relating to this.

Other Formats

Many of these individual subjects will subsequently be made into videos and audio files in the near future and so there will be many options available for all different types of preference.

Same Ideas

Although many of the subjects and ideas have been around for thousands of years, I have come to understand that each period in history requires its own unique packaging of the ideas in order for it to be made digestible to the person of that time period. Additionally to this, many of the ideas also evolve and grow, this is only natural. This means that we may see some similarities to ideas which we are used to, but there may be a new twist which can be the final key that creates a shift in perception.


I have had the fortune of coming in contact with some great teachers, beings and people in my life. Each one of them in their own way touched my life. This blog is the culmination of having integrated all of their influences on me into one coherent thought. My thanks go out to all those that have influenced me consciously and unconsciously, positively and negatively. It is through these interactions that I have become what I am today.

I hope that this content brings as much benefit to your life as it did to mine.

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