Unlearning - Starting A New Path With The Least Resistance

Starting Off Correctly

Whoever is looking to start a new journey, whether that be a journey to deal with some health issue, a new project, or a spiritual endeavour there is one extremely important thing which I always bring to their attention.

I call this the process of Unlearning. We have to understand and be honest enough with ourselves that the reason why we are engaging with this new path is because our current path requires an adjustment. Some of these adjustments may be large or small, the size is irrelevant at this stage, we are not looking at the quantity of the action, but the quality.

Admitting You Were "Wrong"

On some level, an adjustment means that you were wrong about something. Your perception of the world previously had you think in a certain way and so you did certain things. The adjustment comes about because on some fundamental level your perception has changed. There is nothing wrong with being "wrong"! I would argue that there is no such thing as being wrong. The feeling of being wrong is simply the time delay between changing perception of the world around you and realising that the change was for your own good.

Many people delay this process of change in their life because they do not want to admit they were wrong. This holding on to beliefs is again an aspect of self which craves the security of knowing that its decision making process is infallible. This gives it a sense of security because then every decision that is made feels safe.

If I am looking for a change it means that my current trajectory is not for me. Many people begin a new path out of necessity but have not allowed themselves to consciously acknowledge that the old path was not for them. This results in an internal conflict as they try to hold onto their old lives at the same time grab onto the new. This makes the process far more complex and may in turn result in the abandonment of the new effort.

Relationships As An Example

If we can let go of the old entirely it allows it to mould and transform in an organic way and become what we need it to be. We can use an example to illustrate this. Many people who are in relationships which are no longer working are unable to let go of their current relationship in order for it to evolve or for something new to come in.

Letting go of a relationship, in this context, does not necessarily mean that the relationship will end. If it is let go of, there is always the chance that it may transform into something different. To use the analogy, if I hold onto something tightly, I naturally limit the possibilities of what it can become! It would only be able to become the shape of my hand.

The Fear Of Letting Go

Understanding that we need to let go of something is a great start, but as soon as we start to try, in most cases a fear will start to creep into your thought process. This fear is deep rooted and exists as an over-the-top protection. Too much change is very disconcerting, but at the same time sometimes it is required to get us to shift.

We try to build a world around us which is safe and secure and the measure of this for us is that it does not change much. This gives us a sense of power and control, but this is really just an illusion. The truth is we never had any power or control and once we realise this in a very deep way we can really let go and let our life evolve into what it needs to be.


Bearing all of this in mind, unlearn. This means we assume everything we think we know is wrong. Let go of it. In the case of a health issue, the reason why we become unhealthy on a fundamental level is that something we were doing was wrong. As you do not usually know specifically what that is, if you assume everything you know is wrong, very quickly you will adjust and see how your new trajectory pans out.

Remember even this new trajectory may be "wrong", so when the time comes for that realisation, you can just let go of it. You are trying to go from a "wrong" decision to a "right" decision, which is not possible. Neither exist to begin with!

Personal Life Lessons

The amount of times in my life when I thought I was doing the right thing and was subsequently shown that it was not for me are too many to count. I will give a personal example. For many years I worked in a large business, making a decent salary. At some point my life reached the point where it felt as though an adjustment was required. I rejected "materiality" and went to live as part of a "spiritual" community, thinking that materiality was "wrong" and spirituality was "right".

Please understand that I am writing here in a more concise way, I could write a whole book on each of these topics, so it is more important to grasp the essence of what I am saying than to get into specifics. True spirituality is something completely different and has nothing to do with rejecting materiality, but back then I had created this divide internally within me.

After some time at the community, I soon realised that it was also not the "right" thing for me. This time, rather than taking 3 years to make the decision to leave, it took me 2 weeks from the point where I saw this change to the point that I left. Now it should be said that I am not saying that it was wrong for people to be there, but for my own personal life path it was time for me to move. If I had held on to my new beliefs thinking that I was now right and unwilling to let go then I would have stayed.

Just Let Go!

What helped me greatly though was that I got faster and faster at letting go of new ideas. I also understood that all the experiences I had had doing the "wrong" thing were actually beneficial too me as they were not wasted. In all cases, I learnt some amazing things in each of these parts of my life.

The key is to realise when the adjustment is required. Becoming sensitive and observant of your life will greatly help you with this. Don't forget that our views of what are right and wrong are just based on our own personal frame's of reference.

For people who do not observe themselves and who create distractions in their lives, one of the ways that we notify ourselves of a required trajectory adjustment is when we start to develop health issues. This is the bodies way of notifying us in a way that we cannot ignore it.

If you have reached this stage in your journey, assume that everything you know is wrong, unlearn, and be open to new ideas. You will very soon realise which parts of your life need adjustment and which don't and the process will be almost automatic.

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